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How to Become a Successful Self-Published Author?

What if you are not ready to publish?

With Reprospace and its indie imprint Finn Hill Publishing, authors will increase the quality of their books and can be confident their books can be successful. Unlike online services like Lulu and CreateSpace, Reprospace is a company with an accessible team ready to work with you. Our indie press imprint gives authors the reputation of a quality indie publisher that has high standards in content and design, and at the same time gives the author complete control over their publication.

For some books, it makes sense to make them available to bookstores even though there might not be any financially reasonable return. For example, some readers might like to find certain reference books or locally relevant books in bookstores, schools, and libraries but there is no larger market that would justify publishing the book the traditional route. This is why we use Reprospace's self-publishing imprint 'Finn Hill Publishing' to set a book up for distribution. The books will be available to all bookstores worldwide, libraries, retailers, and educators. The printing, distribution, logistics, and billing will be performed by our distributor Ingram. Authors who like to pay for a self-publication can purchase our services here. 

Why self-publishing?

So, what is the difference?

What if you have your finished manuscript but you are not ready to make it available to bookstores and libraries?  We can design and print your book so you can give them to friends and family to have them review it. In the publishing industry, this is called Advance Review Copies (ARCs). Big publishers print hundreds or even thousands of ARCs before the book is officially released in bookstores. You can do the same thing. We will print as many of ARCs as you need, and then you can take as long as you need to refine your book until you feel comfortable to officially release it.

Book Cover


You will receive free softcover books with the order of our packages. Additionally, you will get one free galley proof, so you can see how your book will look in print before we finish the design.

& Interior

Our graphic design team has designed hundreds of books in the past and will work with you to create a stunning book cover that makes your book stand out. We will transform your manuscript and professionally design the book interior pages. Check out our book designs >here<.

* Terms and pricing for our standard Packages A, B, and C: your books will be printed as softcover books on 20# interior paper in black and white, max. 5 illustrations/pictures in the entire book, max. 730 pages, color book cover 80#, 1 stock photo for the cover, 1 revision from galley proof with not more than 5 format correction. We can print your book literally to any size between 4 x 4 and letter size. Typical sizes are Pocket Book (4.25 x 6.87), Digest (5.5 x 8.5), and US Trade (6 x 9). You will receive all book files as PDF, so you can use all the artwork to reprint your book or use parts of it for your promotional activities. Our packages do not include any marketing or services other than the catalog listing in Package B. 

Distribution & Shipping

You will talk with our graphic designer in person over the phone, Skype or face-to-face. We focus on book design and book printing. We won't bother you with non-transparent editing offers or overpriced book marketing services. We focus on serving you. We will create your unique book starting with just your manuscript and providing you with a quality book.

We also offer a large selection of interior and cover paper choices, full interior color pages, full bleed interior pages, additional modified stock photos, additional graphic design work, ebook, and audiobook.

We print your books on demand (POD) and ship them to all locations in the US when you need them. Shipping up to 20 books will free charge with any of the packages. 

Book Cover & Interior Design 

Book Printing 




You will work personally with pros in the publishing industry.

Book Cover & Interior Design

A requirement for this package is that your manuscript has already been converted to a book format (Package A). If the book is not registered yet, we will assign an ISBN and create an ISBN barcode. We will give you a 10% discount if your book already has an ISBN. You will receive two free books and one galley proof book. We will place an ad in one of the distributor Ingram retailer catalog, Advance Christian, Advance Children's or General Advance Ingram Catalog. The catalog is sent to thousands of booksellers, librarians, educators and online retailers. You will earn royalties from book sales after the sales hit individually arranged minimum sales numbers in a period. 

Standard Book Options*

50 pages min., max. 730 pages, all paper & print options

Volume Deal

Book Distribution

Package A

This package is best for authors who would like to have books distributed to bookstores, libraries, educators and other retail locations. Our indie imprint Finn Hill Publishing will give authors the reputation of a quality indie publisher.

the book can contain up to 730 book pages 

b/w interior design with a max. of 10 in-line pictures

color softcover or hardcover design

table of contents

+ ISBN registration and ISBN barcode

+ Copyright page 

+ Table of contents (if required)

This package is best for authors who want to get their books in print and hand it out to a larger number of people. This is a great way to receive reader and peer reviews. 

# of pages and $ per book 

We will design a book cover and we will do all interior design and layout of your book. You will receive two free books and one galley proof book. After this package has been delivered you can print as many additional books as you wish based on below price guide. There is no minimum order for books – you can order 1 book or 100s of books. 

Book Printing & Layout Adjustment

Package B

We will adjust the book layout for printing, register an ISBN number for your book and print the books you ordered. The price table on the right shows the prices per book for orders of 100 books. By clicking on the button below you will see a table for other 

2 Free Books & 1 Galley Proof

Package C

Book Design

2 Free Books & 1 Galley Proof

This package is best for authors who have a finished manuscript and want to see their book in print for the first time and hand it out to family and friends. 

Including 2 Galley Proof

book the book can contain up to 730 book pages 

+ ISBN registration and ISBN barcode

+ Publisher Imprint Finn Hill Publishing

+ Distributor Listing for bookstores

+ Distributor Catalog Listing Ad

+ book cover and interior adjustment to fulfill the book listing requirement as e.g. copyright page, etc. 

Book Distribution

Goal: Get the book into bookstores and libraries

The Six Stages of Book Publishing

Goal: Get started

As a self-publishing author, you can decide to reach out to a traditional publisher or an agent at any time and at any step of the six book publishing stages. If you feel like you would like to get started with your book project to receive feedback and recognition, you can start at step 1 and invest your own money until you get the attention of a traditional publisher or until you start being successful selling your book. 

Goal: Receive Feedback

Goal: Sell books to a closed group for further feedback and fundraising

Goal: See your book in print the first time

Goal: Make your book known to the target reader group

The Results

Dan Weedin on Jan 17, 2017


"One of the benefits in working with Ingemar and his staff at Reprospace is the exemplary client service. Whenever I had a question, needed an answer quickly, or had issues or concerns, they were fast to respond and provide solutions. They are able to be nimble, act swiftly on your behalf, and do it with a smile on their face. In the ever changing world of publishing, this commitment to authors through strong customer service is refreshing. If you have a book that you want to be printed, look no further than Reprospace. You'll be well taken care of and your book (and you) will be better off from the experience."